The Chebacco Gravel Ride 2022

Gravel Event Vlaams-Brabant




GRAVEL and OFFROAD ride through the fabulous area of Pajottenland and Flemish Ardennes

70, 90, 107, 140, 170, 207


The Chebacco Gravel Ride … already the 6th edition ! The perfect day out with your friends and/or family ! discover Pajottenland
TS-bikes is a PRO bike shop in Liedekerke (Pajottenland). We live and breath cycling, The Likert Bike Festival is just the next step of our growth in bringing cycling happiness to you.
As PRO as we like to be in our business, as PRO we wanna be in our organization !
Every year we try to add just that littlebit extra to give all the participants a day to remember …
Max 500 registrations will be taken as gravel needs to stay cosy and social, there’s no possibility to register at place (so only pre-registrations are possible)
The name of the event comes from Parlee’s gravel bike named Chebacco, one great and awesome gravel bike.
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